> What do I get in return for contributing a presentation via webinar?

In addition to giving back to your profession and the healthcare field by sharing your expertise and knowledge to a global community, presenters are awarded an honorarium at the end of every month totaling 40% of all revenues from the sale of their webinar and presentation.

> How long does it take to complete the process of contributing a presentation?

It varies from individual to individual, but roughly two (2) hours. After creating a login and becoming an approved presenter, each webinar requires two steps. Step 1 collects basic information about your presentation like the title, learning objects, and a summary of the content. This takes around 15 minutes. In Step 2, presenters upload their slides and provide the remaining details of the presentation like which specialties and healthcare roles the presentation is relevant for, the difficulty level, and some multiple choice post-test questions. There's also an option to upload any associated materials or documents that supplement the presentation. This take around 45 minutes.

The webinar length itself is typically 60 minutes, totaling two hours from start to finish.

> How long should my presentation be?

While there is no required length, we recommend 60 minutes. We do accept presentations shorter than this, however, we will not be able to certify them for continuing education credit.

> What type of presentations do you accept?

Anything related to healthcare. We are initially focusing on nursing-related topics, but will always accept interesting and important presentations pertaining to healthcare.

> Can I just contribute my slides rather than give a presentation?

At this time, no. We feel the visual and aural dynamic of seeing and hearing the expert him/herself deliver the content is by far the most valuable part of learning, understanding, and appreciating the sharing of knowledge and experience. Slides alone cannot offer this and merely support, supplement, and enhance a memorable presentation.

>Is there a limit to how many presentations I can contribute?

No, you may provide as many presentations as you'd like.

> When/How are webinars scheduled?

After presenters have completed Step 2 and it's been reviewed and approved, an email/call will be initiated to schedule a date and time for the webinar for as soon as desired.

> Is there guidance throughout this process?

Our platform is designed to be very intuitive with each step providing instructions at the top of the page and entry fields clearly marked. Progress can be saved at any time prior to submitting. Presentation content is reviewed after both Steps 1 and 2 for appropriateness, relevance, and grammatical/spelling. Presenters receive emails and alerts on the site when review is complete notifying of approval to move on to the next step, or if edits are needed.

> Do I need to get permission to use certain content in my presentation or from my employer?

Yes, you should make sure you have all the necessary approvals and permissions when you may be using others' copyrighted materials, prior to contributing.

> Can I still use slides and speak on a presentation I have contributed to Healthcare SlideShare at other venues and to other audiences?

Yes. Healthcare SlideShare does not retain exclusive use of your slides or presentation. You are welcome to present at other forums.

> Do you offer continuing education (CE) credit for presentations?

Yes. We certify nursing (RN & APRN) content for continuing education credit when applicable.

We anticipate certifying continuing medical education (CME) for physicians (MDs/DOs), and physician assistants (PAs) in the future, as well as content pharmacists and other clinical roles.

> How do you pay presenters?

Checks are mailed directly to the address on file under the Personal Information section in your profile on the website. Payments are calculated and distributed monthly.

> Is there a referral bonus if I get someone to contribute a presentation?

Yes! We offer 5% of the revenue earned from that individual's presentation. Just like the honorarium for presenters, payment is issued monthly. The individual receiving the referral bonus must have a login on the site and his/her name must be provided prior to completion the webinar.


> How much do presentations cost?

Pricing depends on the presentation itself, but most presentations are either $9.95 or $14.95.

> Are refunds offered?

No, all purchases are final.

> How do I obtain my certificate after I have viewed the presentation?

You must successfully complete the post-test and the evaluation prior to receiving your certificate. When both have been finished, your certificate will be unlocked and you may access it from either the presentation details page or your My Courses tab in your profile.

> What score do I need to achieve to successfully pass a presentation's post-test?

80% or better. You may re-take the post-test as many times as you'd like until you pass.

> How do I know if a presentation is good?

Each presentation has an overall rating, from 1-5 stars, and specific ratings of both the quality of the presentation and presenter. Only those learners who have purchased the presentation are able to evaluate it. Additionally, these learners leave a review which is visible on the presentation details page.

> How long do I get access to the presentation?

Indefinitely. Once you purchase a presentation, it remains in the My Courses tab of your profile and you can view it whenever you like.

Your certificate also remains available once you've successfully completed the post-test and evaluation.